10 Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know This Monsoon

Fashion in Rainy Season

The rain is here. The showers are here. Even if we can’t go out, we still have to deal with a lot of rain for the rest of our lives. It’s sometimes annoying but it is also essential.

From a fashion perspective, the rain can sometimes prevent us from wearing what we want and also ruin our outfits. But it doesn’t always have to be like that.

We can opt for clothes and accessories that are functional in the rain and also cute. Let’s dive in together to know how we can deal with the rain together and how to look cute with doing so.

  1. Umbrella- This is a basic one but also the most essential item on a rainy day. If you don’t have anything else and an umbrella is the only thing you have, then it is still better than having nothing at all. You might want to invest in a good umbrella that doesn’t get out of shape with a strong wind. But make sure you don’t forget it everywhere you go. Although the transparent umbrella isn’t the best for the sun, they are a pretty option for rainy days. A sturdy three-fold umbrella is the best option since you can just throw it in your bag and it is unlikely that you’ll forget it.

Transparent umbrella

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  • Raincoat- This will keep your outfit dry and nice and you won’t end up cold and wet. If you want to showcase your pretty outfit even in the rain, then a good option is a transparent raincoat. You can even get printed transparent raincoat for a funky look but if these aren’t your options, then you can get a plain black raincoat to match all your outfits. But then again you can play with accent colors depending on your preferences.


  • Gumboots- This is not just a good option for keeping your feet and socks dry but also a cute trend. You can get transparent gumboots and pair them with cute socks. If gumboots aren’t an option for you then you can wear a pair of ankle boots. Just make sure they are high enough for you to tuck your jeans into them and so that the rain can’t get to your feet. Just make sure the soles of your boots are still in good condition so that water doesn’t enter your shoes.


  • Plastic or rubber shoes- Rubber shoes or plastic ones come in different styles nowadays. They can’t keep your feet dry by they won’t keep your feet wet for a long time either. You can carry a small mini towel in your bag and wipe your feet off when you reach your destination. The VSCO girl trend also includes wearing crocs. If you can pull them off, they might also be a good option.

Plastic or rubber shoes

  • Shoe protector- You can look for shoe protectors that you could buy online. They are rubber shoe protection that you can put on top of your shoes. You can get them in different colors and quality as well.

Shoe protector

  • Slippers- I won’t say this is a fashionable option but this a good option to keep your feet dry. Now hear me out. Pack your shoes and socks or whatever you plan to wear in your bag and take it with you. Meanwhile, you can wear your slippers to wherever your destination is. Then you can wipe off your feet and wear your desired shoes. This way you can save your shoes from getting wet.


  • Waterproof shoes- You can either get ready-made waterproof shoes or you can turn your sneakers into waterproof ones by rubbing a white candle and heating it with a hairdryer. The wax will melt into the shoe creating a waterproof layer and prevent water from entering it. 

Waterproof shoes

  • Hairstyle- It is better to put your hair in a bun or braid. I would advise you not you use any heat styling as this will go to waste anyway. The moisture and humidity will reset your hair. If you are prone to frizzy hair, try not to let it down on days like this. The humidity will also cause your hair to be a little greasy than usual so you might want to keep a dry shampoo handy. A hat is also a good option on a bad hair day or a rainy day.


  • Material- Wool is not the best option for a rainy day as it does not dry off so easily. You might want to switch to cotton or nylon since they dry faster. But then again don’t wear tight nylon clothes on a rainy day as this might irritate your skin, so cotton is the best. You might also want to switch your skinny jeans to wide-legged pants or three-quarter length pants since they don’t cling to your skin a much.


  • Jewelry- It is a good decision to ditch the gold-plated jewelry as the moisture will tarnish them faster. You can go for silver or pure gold jewelry if that is within your budget range. But then again keep them minimal.


Extra tips:

  • Skip the heels on a rainy day to prevent slipping.
  • Carry an extra mini towel with you. It will come to your rescue.

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