Elegance is all about looking neat, graceful, respectable and poised. An elegant woman gets the most out of life because of the way she talks, walks, presents herself, carries herself and the way she dresses. Being elegant gives you a sense of class and respect. Elegant women are easier to trust and people can converse with you easily. One way of looking elegant and being elegant is dressing like it.

Here are a few tips on how to always look elegant. 

1.Hair– Always keep your hair tamed.  Comb it, brush it, wash it, nourish it, condition it.  Do whatever you need to do but keep your hair healthy.  

Healthy hair contributes to your elegance. Stay away from overly bleached and crazy coloured hair.  It’s going to damage your hair, giving it a dry and brittle texture. Too much experimentation will ruin the shine and quality of your hair.  Use a heat protector while styling it with heated too. 

There are also various hairstyles that are very elegant. The French twist is a very elegant hairstyle appropriate for evenings and also the day time.   You can wear it with dresses and formal pants suits as well. The low bun is also a very elegant hairstyle. Easy for when you’re late and when you don’t want to use any heating tools.  When letting your hair down, make sure that your hair is not greasy and is properly combed. You can use hair bands, hair clips, hats and other hair accessories to keep your strands in place. 

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2. Skin – Skincare comes before makeup. If you have beautiful skin. You wouldn’t be too bothered to cover it up. You don’t need to spend wealth to have beautiful skin.   All you need is to spend on products that work for you. It doesn’t have to be a highly-priced product. Washing your face twice a day and drinking lots of water is the best natural remedy. Wear sunscreen throughout the year and exfoliate regularly.  Your skin will thank you for it and will reward you by making you shine.  

3. Makeup– Find makeup that suits your skin. That means the undertones of the colors in your makeup should be the same as the undertones of your skin. To know the undertones of your skin,  check your inner wrist. If you have green veins, you are warm toned, if you have purple veins you are cool toned and if you have both then you have a neutral skin tone.   

Warm tones look best in gold, cool tones look best in silver and neutral tones and enjoy both. The colors in your makeup, like your eye make up should match your skin and not your outfit.  To stay safe, stick to neutrals and rock the colors only when you’re completely sure it looks good on you. 

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Don’t wear makeup that is too loud, making you look like a drag queen. Stay away from overly long and unnatural false eyelashes and remember, glitter and Metallica are for the night. Simple makeup is always the best. When emphasizing on the lips, go easy on the eyes and when emphasizing on the eyes, go easy on the lips by wearing a nude lipstick. Don’t over do both or it will give a theatrical vibe. Do your make up in a well lit area and preferably in natural light so you can see the exact amount of makeup you need.  

5. Clothes -Know what works for your body.  Don’t wear clothes that are not your size or which are too tight or too loose.  Get yourself measured and know your body shape. It will make it easy for you to shop. Neutral colors are the most elegant choices. Neutral colors include black, white, grey, beige,  cream, tan, brown and navi. Opt for timeless pieces in these colors and you’ll always have something to wear. Invest in pieces like a black pencil skirt, a black blazer, a pair of trousers, a silk white shirt, a camel trench coat, a pair of black pumps and so on.  

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Don’t follow fashion trends blindly. Know what looks best on you. Don’t go for loud prints, and if opting for animal prints, wear only one piece with that print and keep the rest of the outfit in a solid color.  Don’t mix too many prints in one outfit. Before putting on the outfit, make sure your clothes are clean, they smell good, they’re well ironed, and have no loose string hanging. Distress and ripped clothes aren’t elegant. Also dress for your age. Dressing too young or too old for your age isn’t the most elegant thing you can do.   

6. Accessories– keep your accessories minimal. Wear two accessories at a time. If you’re wearing a pair of earrings and a necklace, don’t wear any rings or bracelets. This goes the other way as well. If you’re wearing rings on your fingers, go for earrings or a necklace. Don’t go for both. Opt for good quality dainty pieces instead of large chunky and fake looking jewelry.  Don’t wear jewelry with missing diamonds, or tarnished hardware. Pearls are very elegant and look great for the evenings. Stay away from plastic jewelry and don’t mix gold and silver in the same outfit. 

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Extra tips:

• Being elegant is not equal to being snobby. Be humble and elegant. 

• You don’t have to be rich to be elegant. Elegance comes from within. 

• Take inspiration from real life elegant women like Merilyn Monroe, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton Emma Watson and so on.  

•Always keep your nails and shoes clean.  

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