Amazing Makeup Trends You Should Not Miss This Year

Trends come and go. The thing with makeup is that you don’t need to give them away even if the trend changes you can only change the way you use them. If you want to know about makeup trends of 2020, then this article is for you.

  • Fox eye – Fox’s eye has been one of the biggest trends of 2020. It is known to be started by Bella Hadid. It consists of defining your tear ducts and outer eye with a winged liner either in black or brown. This is optional, but before you go for the eyeliner, you might want to conceal the entire eye area or put some brown eyeshadow on the outer edges of your eyes. Don’t allow your eyeshadow to go lower than your winged liner. For lashes, concentrate your mascara on the outer lashes. Another option is to cut your false lashes into two and use only the outer edge on the outer corner of the eye.
  • Nude lips- Nude lips are a good look for the office or any professional occasion. You can also wear this lip on day outs when you go for bold eye makeup. Make sure to not choose a colour that is way lighter than your skin tone or you will look unnatural. Get a colour that is close to your natural lip colour like your lips but better.

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Nude lips
  • Straight brows- Models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have embraced the straight brow look. This involves little to no arch on your brows. To achieve this, you can fill your brow in a way as to not accentuate the arch or even shaving off the rest of the brow after the arch and drawing a straighter brow. A brow lift can also do the job but it is not recommended.
  • Long natural-looking lashes- Overly dramatic lashes are not in trend this year as they have been over the yesteryears. To achieve this look, use a growth serum over your eyelashes every night before you sleep. Another option is to use natural-looking lash extensions. If you have naturally long lashes then you are blessed. When the desired length is achieved, curl your lashes and put on some mascara. Make sure it doesn’t get clumpy.
Long natural-looking lashes
  • Lip gloss- This has come back into trend again this year and looks best with a natural-looking makeup look. Before putting some lip gloss, use a lip scrub to buff up all the dead skin off, leaving your lips soft and supple. You can also use a lip tint under your lip gloss. Wear lip gloss with caution on a windy day. 
  • Bushy brows- The infamous well-defined Instagram brows are out of the trendy list this year and so are like over plucked and over groomed brows. This year is for natural upswept brows or soap brows. To get this look, brush up your natural brows and set them with brow gel or roll a wet spooley on a bar of soap and brush up your brow hairs.
woman with Bushy brows
  • Orange eye shadow- This summer trend is a cute and flirty one. This eyeshadow look goes well with floral peasant dresses and lip gloss. Use this eyeshadow on your upper lid and lower lash line as well. 

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Woman wearing Orange eye shadow
  • Faux freckles- This look goes hand in hand with the natural face look. Now freckles are not looked upon as flaws but are well accepted as a beauty symbol. The ones who have this naturally, flaunt them, and the ones who don’t, draw them on. You can also draw some freckles on your skin and make your skin look sun-kissed and natural.
Woman with Faux freckles look
  • Highlighter- Highlighter is always on trend and is always used to put a special glow on your skin. Use your highlighter on the high points of your cheek, bridge and the tip of your nose, on the brow bone, and the cupid’s bow. You can also put a little bit of highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes to open and brighten them up.
Woman applying Highlighter
  • Glitter eye shadow- This hardly ever goes out of style. You can wear this with a lip gloss or a nude lip. When wearing glitter eyeshadow, make sure to clean them properly before washing your face to prevent them from entering your eyes.

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Woman wearing Glitter eye shadow
  • Light foundation- Cakey and heavy foundation is out of trend. What is in trend is light coverage foundations or even bb or cc creams. Conceal your under eyes or any blemishes if needed but leave the skin as light as possible. Flaunt your natural skin as much as possible and invest in skincare more.
Woman wearing Light foundation
  • Dark lip colour- Long gone is the bright pink lip and in comes the bold dark lip like a deep berry or deep purple. This looks great for a bold look and a more subtle eye look.
Woman wearing dark lip colour
  • Bright eyeshadow- this is the year where you can play around with eyeshadow colours just as your heart pleases and no one is going to judge you.

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Woman wearing bright eyeshadow
  • Dewy skin- Dewy healthy skin is more in trend and even healthier-looking as compared to the matt powdered look. This is more glowy and pretty and gives off a moisturized and hydrated look to the skin. 
Dewy skin

Extra Tips

· If you don’t like makeup then know that bare skin looks equally pretty. You do you.

· The no make-up makeup look is a nice look for your everyday wear.

· Go for a makeup look that goes well with your face rather than just blindly following trends.  

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