Dress to Impress; Find Out Your Body Shape & Get The Perfect Fit

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of us aren’t happy with the way we look. It is not because we are not pretty but it’s because we haven’t accepted ourselves.  Yes we can always strive to be a better version of ourselves but hating ourselves in the process is not going to help. One way to love ourselves and bring out our confidence is to dress for our body and focus on the best parts of our body.  Dressing for our body shape will bring out the best in it. There are six main body types. Once you’ve identified yourself with one of these. You can follow these guidelines and make the best use out of them.

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1. The inverted triangle– If you have this body type, it means you have broad shoulders and a small waist legs. An off the shoulder top or dress is bound to make your shoulders even broader as horizontal lines gives the illusion of a wider vision.  This will focus on how wide your shoulders look. Very tight jeans or leggings will make your legs smaller than they already are. Opt for pants or bottoms with bigger silhouettes like an a-line skirt, wide legged pants, a circle skirt, palazzos and so on . Paper bag skirts also look great as they define your waist and balance out the size of your top and bottom half giving the illusion of a well proportioned body.  Light colours make you look bigger and darker colours make you look smaller. So to make your shoulders and top half smaller, wear a darker coloured top and to make your legs look bigger, wear a lighter colored pair of pants or skirts. Celebrities with the inverted triangle body shape include Halley Berry, Naomi Campbell, Aishwaria Rai and so on.

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2. The rectangle body type– If you have a rectangle body shape, it means that you have a small bust and a not so tiny waist. Your shoulders and hips are almost the same size. You don’t have very obvious curves and your lines are mainly straight. For a rectangle body shape, wear tops, blazers, and dresses that sinches at the waist. This defines your waist and gives you a beautiful slender feminine silhouette. Floral prints will give you a rather feminine figure and distract from the straight lines in your body. As for bottoms, A line skirts, circle skirts, boot cut pants, flare pants and anything that gives a smaller waist and bigger bottoms. Avoid clothes with straight silhouettes like t-shirt dresses, mom jeans, boyfriend jackets and so on.  Celebrities with a rectangle body shape include, Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightly, Kendal Jenner, Natalie Portman and so on.  

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3. The hourglass body type– If you have an hourglass body, it means that you are busty and have a voluptuous hind side. You also have a small waist which makes it a versatile body shape and you can basically wear anything. When you have an hourglass body shape you have to remember that underwear is very important especially with tight clothing.  Visible underwear lines are not attractive. Wear a good supporting bra and boy shorts underwear while wearing tight dresses and skirts. You can accentuate your waist with a belt and clothing that cinch at the waist. Celebrities with an hourglass body shape include Salman Hayek, Kylie Jenner, Sofia Vergara and Scarlet Johansson among others. 

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4. The pear shaped body type– if you have pear body shape. You have smaller shoulders and a smaller bust.  You have wider hips and a thinker hind side as well as well defined thighs. For this type of body shape, skirts with a well defined waist look best. Go for straighter silhouettes instead of a-line skirts and circle skirts that make your bottom half bigger than usual. Straight legged jeans and mom jeans will give you more definite proportions. Voluminous tops like puffer jackets and tops with ruffles are also a good option. They balance the shape of your top and bottom half.  Celebrities with a pear body shape include Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Rhianna and so on.  

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5. The apple shape body type– if you have an apple body shape, it means that you are generally round. You have a big bust, a rounder tummy, wide hips and a thick hind side.   If you have an apple body shape, then crop tops and oversized clothing aren’t the best options. Go for empire skirts, wrap dresses, vertical stripes, v-necklines and handkerchief dresses. They define your waist and compliment your curves. Also small prints are best suited for you.  Celebrities with an apple body shape include Bharti Singh, Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson and Queen Latifa.  

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Extra Tips:

• These are tips to look your best. If you want to wear something, don’t hesitate just wear it.  

• You can check out your celebrity body doppelganger to get outfit inspirations.  

• Don’t just assume your body shape, measure yourself and compare your numbers.  

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