Sneakers are the type of shoes where you don’t have to think much when styling them. They are the most comfortable types of shoes and usually worn by people of all ages. Here is a list of the most popular sneakers. These sneakers are timeless and are always in style. In this list even if you’re not a sneaker kind of person. There is one that you would love and consider investing in. 

  • Vans old skool-The Vans old skool also called “style 36” were originally released in the 1970s. They were brought back into fashion in 2014. These never really went out of style since they were created. They were especially popular among skater kids, as it is, Vans is a skater shoe company. They come in all colors and prints and can be paired with almost anything. These look great with a pair of jeans or a nice casual dress. When wearing them with pants and dresses make sure you wear them with liner socks. It will make your legs look longer and show a little bit of the ankle. When wearing them with miniskirts and shorts, pair them with a pair of ankle sock to add a little style. 
  • Chuck Taylor All stars- These shoes have been around forever. These too are versatile shoes that you can wear almost anything. These come in an array of colors and prints too. With these shoes you can play around with funky shoelaces for a young and fun vibe. These look great with mom jeans cuffed at the bottom.  They come in high tops and low tops. I’d suggest you go for the high tops. They’re always in fashion. These also come in transparent style where you can play around with cool socks.
  • Nike Air Force 1- I’m pretty sure you have seen these everywhere. The most popular color for this particular shoe is white, but once again, these come in a vast number of colors. They come with a platform so I can guarantee they’ll give you a little extra height. They can be paired with anything. By that I don’t mean you can pair them with boot cut jeans and evening gowns, that’s just taking too far. Just saying. 
  • Vans Slip on- Girls in the 2010s wanted a pair because the Jonas brothers rocked them. Not much has changed since then; they’re still popular till this day. The checkerboard style especially is here to stay. Pair these with a t-shirt dress for a nice skater girl vibe. Don’t forget the socks though, they’ll keep your feet from getting sweaty and keep you cute at the same time. They are just the easiest just slip and go.
  • Fila disruptor II- These became really popular since 2018. The most common color for this shoe is white. They are guaranteed to give you a little height since they have a platform. They give that cool nineties vibe and will look best with a pair of jeans be it skinny for mom jeans.
  • Adidas Yeezy- These shoes are so comfortable; you are going to love them like Kanye loves Kanye. You can even wear them to the gym. These look great with a pair of legging and a hoodie. You’ll be comfortable and look cool without even trying. 
  • Adidas Stan Smith- These shoes are one of those shoes where you can get away when paired with almost anything. You can make any formal wear look casual and laid back when paired with these shoes. You name it, a suit? A silk slip on dress? A pair of trousers? They go with everything. They’re easy to transition from formal to casual, so these can come to your rescue when you have two types of parties to attend in one day.
  • Balenciaga Speed Trainers- To quote Cardi B, “I like those Balenciagas, the one that look like socks”. You sang that line, don’t lie. Anyways, these shoes will make you look so cool. Pair these with a pair of joggers for a casual look or with a pair of black skinny jeans and a blazer for a more sophisticated look. 
  •  Reebok Club C- These shoes are mainly white, which means they are always versatile. They look great with a pair of ripped jeans. They also go well with a pair of trousers cuffed at the bottom. 
  • Puma creepers- These sneakers in almost every Instagram baddie’s feed. They have a platform and serve well for petite girls. They look great with skinny jeans and leggings. They also look good with a pair of joggers and a tank or crop top. 

Extra tips:-

  • You can get a pair of plain white sneakers and customize them at your own liking by painting or embroidering them for a personalized look. 
  • Keep your white sneakers clean for a chic look.

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