How to Clean & Brighten Dirty White Shoe Easily

White shoes are so versatile. You can pair them with almost anything. They’re so in trend right now, from white sneakers to converse. These shoes are worn with everything.

You can jazz them up with cool socks, unique shoelaces, DIY designs, and so on, but if there are any drawbacks to these shoes is that they get dirty and stained so easily.

Dirty and Clean Shoe

Since clean white shoes are better than dirty white shoes and show off a better version of you, here are a few tips to keep your white shoes pristine white for good.

Whether you’re in a hurry or you have a good amount of time to clean your shoes, you will find at least one tip that will work for you. Here Are The Top 10 Popular Sneakers and How to Style Them

1.  Toothpaste – Toothpaste can also be used for other purposes and not just brushing your teeth.

Toothpaste contains bleaching and cleansing properties which can be used to clean other surfaces as well and work wonders with white ones. You can use this to your advantage while cleaning your shoes.

Take an unused toothbrush and wet it a little bit, then put a small amount off the toothpaste and brush the rubber surface of the shoe.

When you’re all done, take a towel and wet it and clean off the surface until the surface is clean and white again.

Toothbrush with toothpaste

2.  Full soak- So if your shoes are mostly cloth for example Yeezy sneakers or converse, if they are dirty, you have no option but to fully soak them and wash them fully by using soap, water, and a brush.

You can even pop them in the washing machine but that will not be the best option for the longevity of the shoe.

You can do this with any white sneaker if you have the time to clean the whole shoe all at once.

Although this takes more time and effort this is the best way to clean your shoe as this cleans all the dirt, sweat, and bad odor.


After washing them you can either pop them in the dryer for faster results or dry them in the sun.

Other ways to dry your shoes faster is by scrunching a few pages of a newspaper into balls and stuff the shoe with them.

They will prevent your shoe from losing shape as well as absorb the water making your shoe dry faster.

Another option is using a hairdryer to dry your shoes. Use whatever is available to you, and if the sun is all you have then it’s still the best option.

The best part is that with plain white sneakers, you don’t have to worry about their color fading in the wash because they never will.

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3.  Nail polish remover or acetone- Most girls will have this in their makeup vanity or their drawers and this is the fastest way to clean the non-cloth surface of the shoe like your soles.

This works best with converse, Balenciaga speed trainers, Nike Air Force ones, and other similar sneakers.

To use the nail polish remover or acetone, add a little of it to a cotton pad and rub it along the dirty surface and it will make your shoe whiter and cleaner with very little effort.

Lakme nail polish remover

4.  Bleach- Use this with caution as some materials don’t work well with bleaches.

But if you have a stubborn stain you can clean them using bleach, bleach is available in powdered form, liquid and is even present everyday household products like toilet and bathroom cleaners.

If there is a small stain and you are not sure if bleach is safe for your shoes, you can use bleach as a spot cleaner and use it for that stain only.

Clorox- Bleach

5. Tide pen- A tide pen is a pen-like detergent-based spot cleaner that is portable and easy to use.

You can keep this handy in your bag and if there is an unexpected stain/ dirt, you can use this to clean your shoes in a jiffy.


6. Waterproofing- Waterproofing your shoes is one way to prevent stains in your shoes. To do this, rub a white candle on your shoes until it looks fully white and covered in wax. Then use the hot setting on your hairdryer to melt off the wax into the shoes. The wax will form a waterproof layer and this will come in handy on rainy days.

Water proofing- wax
The image shows a wax and a show

7. Shoelaces- Don’t forget your shoelaces while cleaning your shoes. If your whole shoe is clean but your shoelaces are dirty then it spoils the whole look of the shoe. So, wash your shoelaces along with your shoes as well and dry them naturally.

White Shoe

Extra tips:

·         Always try to wear socks with your sneakers, it prevents them from bad odor.

·         Have good storage for your white shoes. Storing them with other dirty shoes may lead them to be dirty as well. 

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