How To Look Good Without Makeup

Sometimes all of us want to jazz up our look with some makeup or even a bold look, but sometimes our situation doesn’t allow us to do so, either because of school rules, or we have a skin problem or we are in a hurry.
In this article, I have combined both long term as well as short term tips on how to look good and be comfortable to go without makeup. This takes practice and confidence but nonetheless here are a few tips to get you through.

Skincare- This goes without saying, taking care of your skin is important. Your skin is one of the first things people notice about you. But first of all, to take care of your skin, you must learn to take care of your health as all this will eventually affect your skin.

Learn to eat healthily and reduce junk foods to just a few days a month. Drink lots of water and reduce sugar intake if you have a sweet tooth. Eating fried and processed foods will make your skin more prone to breakouts.

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will give your skin a different glow and will reflect your overall health. Getting lots of sleep is important, it will reduce your under-eye dark circles and improve your stress level which in turn affects your skin.

Wash your face twice a day and use proper skincare which suits your skin type. Exfoliate twice a week and use a face shaver to reduce peach fuzz. Make sure to never skip your sunscreen regardless of the weather.

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If you have freckles, embrace it, it’s not a flaw. Try not to touch your face as you can transfer bacteria from your hands to your face. Sanitize your phone once a day and change your pillowcase as frequently as you can. If you wear protective masks, wash them as frequently as you wear them and lastly, a face mask that suits your skin type is also a good way to revitalize your skin but don’t use them too often as this can irritate your skin. Just don’t use any face masks that contain lemons, this will damage your skin.


Skin care products

Haircare- Your hair can impact your look to a great extent. Try and maintain your hair as much as possible. A bad hair day can ruin your mood. Use less heat on your hair. Use heatless ways to style your hair and try to let your hair air dry instead of a hairdryer.

If you have split ends, get them trimmed, there is no remedy for it as much as you might want to believe otherwise. Use a hair mask or a hair oil before a hair wash and wash your hair with warm water not hot. If you want to colour your hair choose one that suits you and a haircut or hairstyle that suits your face shape. Use a serum to tame frizz.


Hair care

Lashes- Lashes can make your eyes look awake and beautiful. If you want to add an extra oomph to your lashes you can curl them. Use castor oil or any lash growth serum can also make your lashes look fuller and longer.


Groomed eyebrows- Your eyebrows frame your face. Rather than changing the shape of your eyebrows, enhance their natural shape. Don’t over pluck them and only tweeze stray hairs. Using castor oil or a growth serum can make your brows fuller. If you have a unibrow, you can choose to leave it as it is, or you can tweeze it away.

Microblading your eyebrows to make them look fuller and groomed is one option but it is unnecessary. Another option is to get them professionally waxed or threaded according to the shape that suits your face best. The more groomed your eyebrows are the cleaner and neat your face looks.

Groomed eyebrows

Teeth- Your smile can warm up people’s hearts. Your teeth don’t have to be perfect but you need to take care of them. Brush your teeth and tongue twice a day. In India, chewing betel nuts, and consuming tobacco products are very common and they can severely affect your health and your teeth as well. You can use whitening products to whiten your teeth, brighten your smile, and also to remove stains.


Earrings- Earring can bring interest to your face and make you look nicer. A good pair of earrings can also frame your face. If your skin is warm-toned, then wear mostly gold earrings and if your skin is cool-toned then wear mostly silver earrings.

Hair accessories- Hair accessories can make your hair look better than it is. It brings interest to your hair and not as plain as it is.

Lip care- Exfoliate your lips and moisturize them with a Chapstick or a moisturizer. Smoking can cause your lips to darken so avoid it like the plague.

Extra tips-
· Smile, it will make you more attractive than you already are.
· If you want to wear makeup you can always do so if the situation allows.

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