How To Rock True Lavishly Bohemians’ Lifestyle? 8 Promising Secrets

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The Bohemian style refers to the style of dressing of the Bohemians’ lifestyle which is unconventional, easy, carefree and artistic. Now this style is also known as the boho-chic look. If you want to know more about how to achieve this boho-chic look then keep on reading. This look is very similar to the hippie style.

  • Flowy clothes- When it comes to the fit of the clothing, the Bohemians prefer their clothes to be loose and flowy. Even if they are wearing a tight outfit, there is at least one flowy piece that they will dawn on. You can incorporate a loose top with your tight jeans or a flowy chiffon cardigan on top of your tank top. For the winters you can layer uptight warm clothing and add a final top layer which is loose and flowy. E.g. you can wear warm legging under a flowy maxi dress and a pair of boots, or a warm knitted long sleeve shirt under a flowy printed cardigan. 
  • Prints- The Bohemians love wearing prints. It reflects their free nature. Floral tops, floral dresses, floral chiffon cardigans, and floral skirts are common. Smaller prints are more Bohemians than bigger prints. Graphic, Paisley and Mandala prints are also some common Bohemian prints. For the Bohemian look, you can pair more than one print. Checks are not very common in this aesthetic. There are also different types of prints in the fashion world make sure you know about them, clink on the link to read Jazz Up Your Look With These Amazing & Latest Prints This Summer

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  • Hair- As for hair, let your hair grow, if your hair is short you can also use hair extensions. Bohemian women seldom cut their hair. They like it textured and wavy. You can take some front pieces of hair and twist it to the back. You can adorn your hair with small flowers or small stems with leaves. If you don’t like to leave your hair, you can also braid it loosely. 
  • Fringes- You can always add fringes on your sleeves, on your boots, on your hat and so one. Fringes are a big part of Bohemian aesthetics. 
  • Makeup- Keep your make up simple. Don’t make it look like you have tried too hard. The aim of looking like a Bohemian is to look easy-going and even messy. Try to wear no makeup and even if you do, go for nude and neutral makeup. You can put on some BB cream with a nude lipstick or lip balm and some mascara. Put on some brow gel and brush them to look fluffy. You can also put a little bronzer to give your skin a sun-kissed look. For a fancier look, you can put on a face tattoo with henna or even glitter or metallic paint. 
  • Footwear- Don’t opt for high heel stilettos or platform heels. Instead go for sandals with embroidery or bead detailing. Other options are boots with embroidery or fringes. Jude or cloth pumps are also common. It is very uncommon for Bohemians to wear sneakers and rubber shoes. If you want to wear heels you can go for cork wedges or straw wedges. You can even paint your nails to match the aesthetic or style of your colorful sandals. You can also DIY your sandals by adding beads and some simple embroidery. 

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  • Accessories- The Bohemians wear a lot of accessories. They wear hats very often. Floppy hats and derby hats are common among hippies. They don’t wear baseball hats. Jewelry is an essential part of the Bohemian ensemble. They love wearing silver jewelry and lots of beads. For this look you can pair as much jewelry as you want. You can wear rings on multiple fingers, necklaces, nose rings, earrings and bangles. Flower crowns, head feathers and head scarfs are common ways to style long Bohemian hair. You can carry embroidered bags with fringes and badges as well. Self-made thread or woven bracelets are another way to add to your accessories. 
  • Crochet- This type of woven clothes is common among Bohemians, especially as outerwear. You can even wear a crochet bikini to the beach. Just make sure it isn’t too sheer or too thick. You incorporate this crochet style into your Bohemian wardrobe by using crochet bags and sandals as well. 

Extra tips:

  • You can always have a modern look and mix it up with Bohemian pieces. Work this aesthetic around your preference and style.
  • You need not wear all the colors of the rainbow for this style. You can also go for the monochromatic color scheme. For example, you can wear different shades of brown in one outfit if you’re not a big fan of colorful outfits.
  • Bell-bottom pants or boot cut pants, whatever you call it, are also a good way to match the Bohemian theme, especially if they are light wash blue jeans. 
  • When starting this style, you can incorporate one tip mentioned above at a time. 

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