How To Take Good Care Of Your Hair? 10 Easy Methods

Hair is the one thing people always notice. It is also the one thing that can completely change the way someone looks. It is a big game-changer in your confidence and it can also affect your mood.

A bad hair day can really change your mood.  Hair can also have cultural connotations and meanings. Different hair colour or hairstyle can completely change your looks and even age you or make you look younger. Healthy hair can boost the way you look too. If you want to know more about how to have beautiful healthier hair then keep on reading.

Hair Types- Before you determine what is good or bad for your hair or what will work and what will not, first of all, you must know what type of hair you have. Do you have thick hair or thin hair? Straight hair or curly? If you have silky hair or coiled hair? Or so on. Coil and afro-ish hair need more attention than straight hair. Curly hair is likely to tangle more than straight hair but wavy hair is also easier to style and set as compared to straight hair.

Blower on Hair

Heat- Heat is the enemy of hair. Heat can damage hair the fastest way. Try using other alternatives for heat like reducing the heat of your water while taking a shower or letting your hair air dry instead of using a hot hairdryer.

Try using rollers and other heatless methods to curl your hair rather than using a curling rod. Straighten your hair a little less and so on. During really warm days you can also protect your hair from the heat by using a hat or a parasol. If you have to use heat on your hair make sure you use a heat protecting spray.

Oils- Oils can help moisturize your hair in many ways. You can get your oils from your conditioner, hair mask naturally produced from your scalp, or even applying by yourself.

When it comes to applying oil most of the people always make this mistake they concentrate more on the scalp thinking its the best hair care methods, but it’s wrong.

When applying oil to your hair, focus on the end of your hair and don’t apply it on your scalp as this can cause dandruff. Don’t leave your oil overnight.

Shampoo- Choose a good shampoo that works best for your hair. When buying shampoo, try and get one that doesn’t don’t contain Sulphates, Parabens, Synthetic fragrance, or formaldehyde.

These are not healthy ingredients and even if these ingredients are present make sure they are placed at the end of the list. When shampooing your hair focus on the scalp and massage gently.

Do not rub your hair especially your ends. This might cause split ends. After washing, follow up with a conditioner that suits best for your hair.

Your shampoo and conditioner don’t have to be the same brand. Your shampoo should work best for your scalp and your conditioner should suit your hair type.

Let the conditioner sit in your hair for a few minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. Using a conditioner every time you wash your hair is the best hair care. In place of a towel, use a cotton t-shirt instead, as it is gentler on your hair.

Hairstyles- Try and style your hair without heat as much as possible. Try not to tie your hair too tight as this will cause hair loss. Using a clip is better than using a thin rubber band. Loose hairstyles are better than tight ones.

Hair Colours- As much as you can try not to colour your hair at home by yourself. If you can’t get out then that’s an exception. A ready to use hair dye that you buy at a convenience store is made for all hair types and sometimes this is not the best option and can even cause allergies.

When you go to a good salon, the experts will use a hair colour that suits best for your hair. Either way, if you want to colour your hair at home try not to use a hair colour that contains ammonia.

Chemical Treatments- If your hair has been chemically treated like a permanent straightening, smoothing, re-bonding etc., your hair will be more fragile than ever. You have to take extra care of your hair.

If you truly want good hair care, next time try not to use extra heat on it and use a good conditioner and serum. Do not pull and tug your hair too much as this can cause damage.

Dandruff- A good anti-dandruff shampoo goes a long way. Try not to apply the oil directly on your scalp. Reduce the use of dry shampoo and other products that contain alcohol. Dandruff can cause hair loss so if you try and keep it in check, it will be better for your hair.

Split Ends- As much as big brands like to advertise split end remedies, there is no cure for it other than cutting it. A good trim is the best way to get healthier hair. Heat damage and rubbing of wet hair can cause split ends.

Grey Hair- There are many reasons for grey hair it could be hereditary, vitamin deficiency, and even stress. You can either get on a good diet, colour your hair and if you want to go a little natural you can even use black henna.

Extra Tips-

  • Sleep on a silk pillow for less friction and hair breakage.
  • Good hair care is not to shampoo your hair every day.

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