How To Wear Right Bra For Right Outfit


A bra can change the way you feel and the way your outfit looks. Sometimes you may not get the perfect shape of your boobs and you might wonder why? The only answer to this question is you should know what bra type to wear under your outfit. Here is a guide to the different types of bras and how to wear them.

Bralette- A bralette is a soft bra that doesn’t comprise any kind of underwire and usually no padding. The straps are soft and adjustable and the bra is usually made of lace. This is one of the most comfortable bras and is usually worn under hoodies and can be worn as a loungewear bra. This is a good bra to wear when you’re on your periods when your boobs are usually in pain. It is also a nice bra to wear with a button-down shirt or anything off-shoulder.

Bralette- Bra

Strapless bra- A strapless is simply a bra without supporting straps. The bra usually has elastic at the top and the bottom of the bra so it does not slip down. This bra can be uncomfortable especially when you’re out and about.

Strapless bra

This bra is usually worn with tank tops, strapless tops or dresses, spaghetti tops and so on. It is a bra worn when bra straps are undesirable. When wearing this, make sure that the elastics are tight enough to give enough support. This is not the best bra to wear on an everyday basis as this does not give the support that you need especially if you have a bigger bust.

Push-up- A push-up bra is so-called because it is made in such a way that it will push up your boobs upwards giving an illusion of bigger boobs. This bra has extra padding on the bottom part of the cups to lift the boobs. This is a good bra to lift your boob when you have rather bigger and saggier boobs. This is a bra used for appeal and is commonly used in Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Push-up- Bra


Plunge- A plunge bra is a bra that you wear when you need support but you don’t want it to show while wearing a deep neck top or dress. This bra has a significant space between the cups so it gives support and invisibility.

Plunge Bra

Bandeau- A bandeau bra is similar to a strapless bra but it is not the same. It is usually rectangle in shape and has more coverage than a strapless bra. Sometimes it is worn as outerwear.

Bandeau Bra

T-shirt bra- The T-shirt bra is the most basic form of a bra and it is worn under t-shirts or any article of clothing that doesn’t require a specific bra. This bra is worn daily. It gives good support.

T-shirt bra

Sports bra- This a bra with proper front and back coverage and give optimum support. It is worn when working out or playing a sport. This type of bra prevents your boobs from moving too much while you’re in constant motion. It can also be worn as outerwear.

Sports bra

Pasties- These can sometimes be called chicken cutlets or sticky bras. This is a type of silicone bra with no back and is directly stuck onto your boobs. You can wear these with backless tops or tops where bra straps are unwanted. They don’t give enough support if you have bigger boobs.

Pasties Bra

Nipple covers- These are similar to pasties but are smaller and are used to cover only the nipples. They can be worn with beachwear or any dress that you don’t want to wear a bra with but you also don’t want a nip slip.

Nipple covers bra

Minimizer- This a bra that gives good coverage and support and making them look smaller by compressing the boobs. It also makes the boobs smoother and more lifted.


Balconette- This a more vintage type of a bra. It has a straighter under band and cups that are not full coverage. The straps of this bra are set at the sides of the cups rather than the centre. This is a good bra when you want a lifted effect and when sporting a wider neckline.

Balconette bra

Corsets- This is a bra with a corset attached to it. It tucks in the tummy while giving your boobs a lift. This is a good bra to shape your midriff, giving you an hourglass look. This is best worn under tight dresses and suits well for postpartum ladies.

Corsets Bra

Bustiers- A bustier is similar to a corset but shorter. This looks great as outerwear. This is usually made of lace and gives a nice form to the body. It is best paired with high waisted underwear.

Bustiers Bra

Nursing bra- A nursing bra is another ordinary looking bra but you can open the cups to breastfeed your baby. This is a very convenient way to get coverage and well as an outlet when you need it.

Nursing Bra

Caged bra- This is a rather sexy bra which makes your boobs look like they are caged. Well, obviously this bra is worn as appealing lingerie more than an actual supportive bra as this can trace under your clothing. If you’re confident enough this can also double as outerwear.

Caged bra-

Extra tips-
● Avoid black bras like the plague. Especially in the summer. They trap heat and increase your risk to breast cancer.
● Wear a properly fitting bra. Get yourself measured to know your band and cup size.

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