Prints are a good way to jazz up your look. Some people like bold solid colors, some like prints and there are others that like both. Some prints are in style some aren’t and some prints never go out of style. Prints can sometimes be difficult to style and also very tricky to mix. Although it’s better to pair prints with solid colors only, certain prints can also go well along with other prints. This article is a guide, a cheat sheet, a mini-encyclopedia of prints. If you want to know more about prints and how to look good in them here are a few tips.  

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1. Checks or plaid– I’m pretty sure you already know what checks are. They originated in Scotland and can be used for both soft furnishings as well as clothing. Checks are mostly associated with winter apparel and lumberjacks but you can also incorporate them in your summer outfits depending on the thickness of the material. There are different types of checks. They are the Glen plaid, the tartan plaid, windowpane plaid, common check plaid, gingham plaid, houndstooth plaid, tattersall plaid, madras plaid and so on.

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The Glen plaid is a common material for suits. This one of the trendy plaids right now. They are now incorporated in bags as well. Slim cut Glen plaid pants look great with converse or strappy heels. The tartan plaid, madras plaid and tattersall plaid are beaten for mini skirts and winter dresses. The common check plaid looks great for a shirt. The houndstooth plaid looks great on pants and dresses. Houndstooth and gingham are perfect for the summer as they usually come in thin materials. Peasant dresses in gingham look great with converse or black strappy heels. Plaids or checks look best when paired with solid colors only.

2. Florals– Florals are usually feminine prints. If you want to look bigger than you are wearing large floral prints. If you want to look smaller than you are,  wear small floral prints. You can pair Florals with solid colors as well as with stripes. Florals are usually worn in the summer. They look good on knee-length or medium length dresses.  It is very tricky to pull off a floral gown without looking like a vintage couch. So choose smaller prints to stay safe. High waisted floral two-piece swimsuits are also very in trend this coming summer.  Don’t Mix too many Florals in one outfit. 

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3. Stripes– The Parisians love stripes. Stripe shirts are a staple in Paris. Vertical stripes lengthen your body shape while horizontal stripes broaden it. Don’t pair vertical striped pants with a vertical stripes shirt because that is a common jail uniform. You can pair stripes with floral. There are also different types of stripes.  The pinstripe, the chalk stripe, regimental stripe, candy stripe and so on. The regiment stripe looks good on ties and doesn’t usually look good on dresses and shirts. If you want to know about Parisians style then read it here OMG! 10 Reasons Why People Love Parisian Style & You Should Too

4. Polka dots– Marc Jacob said there is never a wrong time for polka dots. Though this print is usually associated with vintage wear. Polka dots are classy and timeless prints. There are not many rules when it comes to this print. 

5. Animal print– There are many types of animal prints namely tiger print, giraffe print, leopard print, snake print, cow print as so on. These prints are probably the trickiest prints to style. When wearing animal print, keep it minimal and don’t wear them with super small clothing as it can make you look tacky. Don’t mix these prints with anything else but solid colors only. Don’t mix many animal prints in one outfit. Snake print ankle boots are very in trend and look good with tight black knee-length dresses or black skinny jeans.

6. Paisley – This print is very common in Indian wear. You can also incorporate this print in button-down shirts, midi dresses, scarfs and so on. When adopting a boho look this print is perfect. Paisley looks great with blue denim jeans or brown leather accessories. 

7. Geometric print – This print is young and fun. You can incorporate this print in jumpsuits, two-piece shorts, and top combo. This print doesn’t look good with gowns and is not the most appropriate for formal wear. 

Extra tips-

a) There are other types of print as well. To stay safe, pair these prints with solid colors.  

b) These are just tips. If you want to wear something. Just wear it. 

c)  In bikinis follow the horizontal and vertical rule to empathize or de-emphasize your assets. 

d) Florals aren’t only a feminine only print. 

e) You can also incorporate print in accessories like bags,  shoes, hair accessories, etc and not just clothes. 

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