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We all know what a Kar-Jenner is. Even if you don’t know what it means, ‘Kar-Jenner’ is a combination of Kardashian and Jenner. So, a Kar-Jenner is a member of the Kardashian and Jenner clan. Each member is unique, yet somehow their styles are still similar. Yes, maybe they have multiple cosmetic procedures done, I am not suggesting the same to you in this article. I base this article on their style and how you can take inspiration from them if you want to explore different options.

Bodycon outfits- This is a staple in their wardrobe. They try their best to maintain their figures, so it’s fair for them to show them off. Not all members of this clan have the same body type, but they have this preference as a bond. It’s very rare for them to be spotted in big puffy dresses. There are days when you will spot them in figure-hugging two-piece co-ords, then there are some, where they dawn a bodycon dress or even a sports bra and leggings combo.

Wigs- Wigs are super common in the Kar-Jenner household, especially with Kylie. You will see her in a different hairstyle every time, from different length to different colour. You too can do the same. You can explore your options without spoiling your hair. The best types of wigs are lace frontal wigs as they look the most natural and you can even try out hair extensions. Just make sure they match your hair as close as possible.

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Contour- The Kar- Jenner clans swear by this. Their faces always look so snatched and their jawline too. Apart from their surgery, contouring plays a big role on how sharp and slim their faces look. They make sure their cheekbones are contoured and highlighted and their nose, jawline and forehead.

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Tracksuits- When running errands, it is common to see them in tracksuits. But don’t be fooled. Just because they’re being comfortable, doesn’t mean they did not put enough effort into their outfits. Many a time, they pair these tracksuits with heels and their faces are always done with the freshest makeup.


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Neutrals- Neutrals are their thing, most of the time they’re wearing neutrals and save their bright colours for just for a few rare occasions.

Lashes- You will always see them with lush, full lashes. Most of the time, their lashes aren’t natural, but that isn’t the point, their lashes are always flawless. You too can achieve this with a good lash curler and a volumising mascara. Make sure your lashes don’t get clumpy. You can also add falsies, but that is unnecessary.

Sneakers- They’ll be seen around in sneakers when not in heels. They are personally loved by Kendal and she wears them with almost everything. We also see Kylie Jenner around with them while travelling.

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  1. Biker shorts- A few years ago, Kim was seen around with biker shorts and a puffer jacket. Everyone laughed and made fun of her. Two years later, everyone started copying her. Now, it’s not just Kim but almost every female member of the Kar-Jenner clan that is seen in biker shorts. They pair them with t-shirts, crop tops, sports bras, hoodies and so on.

Defined brows-Brows frame the face, and that is no exception with them. You will seldom see them with spars and untamed eyebrows. Maybe they get them micro bladed and it is okay. If this is an option for you, then you can go ahead and if you have naturally full eyebrows then congratulations. But if all these aren’t your options, you can fill your brows with a good brow powder or a pencil and fix it with a brow gel. Make sure the product is lighter than your natural brows and the colour is more concentrated on the outer brows rather than the inner part. Don’t overfill them and keep them as natural as possible.

Bold lips-Fillers are their friend. Hence, they always have fuller lips. I’m suggesting this as your last option. Another option is over-lining, lip plumper, lip contouring or just embracing your natural lips. The Jenners were naturally born with them. You can add some lip gloss for a magnifying effect and try to go for nude colours.

Waist trainers- This is controversial, but we often see them with corsets and waist trainers. This makes their waist so small and hence giving the hourglass look. This can be harmful to your health, so use this with caution. Another option which Kim swears by is shapewear. She even has her line of shapewear called Skims. Shapewear can give you a smoother look and tuck away anything unwanted.

Sunglasses- Sometimes they go out without doing a full face of makeup. To hide this, they put on sunglasses. You will hardly see Kendal walking around without Sunglasses. Sunglasses are almost like a mask to them. Plus, it gives off a serious look. 

Extra tips/disclaimer-

● These are just tips on how to dress like them. You don’t have to be pressured to look a certain way no matter what anyone says.

● This clan has always had bodies of different shape and sizes. You don’t have to feel insecure about it.

● Your clothes don’t have to be expensive to dress like them. 

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