Master Your ‘Soft Girl’ Look With These 9 Tips

Master Your 'Soft Girl' Look With These 9 Tips

There are so many types of aesthetic nowadays. One popular type of aesthetic is the soft girl aesthetic. So what is a soft girl? It refers to a girl that is projected to have a soft heart, is kind, sweet, likes pastel colors, loves flowers, animals and has an angelic aesthetic. She speaks of love and warmth and dresses like it. How a soft girl dresses portrays her character as well. If you want to know more about this aesthetic and how to dress for it, then here are a few tips for you. 

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1. Hair- When it comes to hair you can basically do anything. Hair color is very common among soft girls. Baby pink and purple hair colors are very common. Other natural hair colors like blond and brown are common. As for the style, soft beachy curls are what defines the aesthetic the most. Adorning colorful hair clips tying two pony tails are very in for the soft girl style. You can also accessorize your hair with caps and hats like a Beret or a baseball cap of a soft color like baby pink, baby blue, lavender, peach, or a light shade of turquoise. Streaks are also a cute way to soften the look of your hair especially if you have black hair.

2. Makeup- As for makeup, stick to soft and warm shades. For the eyebrows, keep them natural and not chiseled. If they are sparse, fill them with a brow powder that is a shade lighter than your natural brow color. For the eyes use a pink or peach eye shadow and apply some mascara. You can also put on false eyelashes but make sure  they aren’t too thick. Don’t go for a dark smokey eye. You can also do the wet lid look. A soft winged look is also a cute way to emphasize on the beauty of your eyes. For the skin you can use a cc cream or a light coverage foundation. Don’t contour the face too well as to maintain the sweet childlike face. For the lips you can put a pink or peachy lipstick or a lip gloss. Use can also use the gradient lip technique. Don’t go for dark matt lipsticks. Don’t forget to apply some blush on the cheeks. The main goal is to always look young.

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3. Outfits- Stick to pastel and light colors. Some wardrobe essentials of a soft girl include an angel printed top, a pair of light wash mom jeans, a pink hoodie, white sneakers, white socks, a white T-shirt, a white tote bag and so on. Pink is the most common color in the wardrobe of a soft girl. Converse are also a very common footwear for a soft girl.  

4. Jewelry- As for jewelry, a soft girl likes colorful jewelry, like  pink heart-shaped earrings. Chunky gold earrings aren’t very common among soft girls. A child’s taste for jewelry is what a soft girl has. Silver chains with star,  moon and butterfly charms are also common. Another alternative are coloured chokers. 

5. Shoes- A few staple shoes that a soft girl has are a pair of white Nike air force ones, pink old skool vans, pink or white converse, ballet pumps, beige ankle boots and so on. You can wear them with white socks with small details like angel, cherries, wings, heart, roses, moon or star embroidery.

6. Nails- Soft girls like long colorful nails. You can also get acrylic with angelic and floral designs. You can also get rhinestone on your nails.  

7. Accessories- Other accessories in the soft girl aesthetic are, pink phone covers, pastel colored bags, classical music records, light colored sunglasses and the list goes on depending on the taste and preferences of the girl. Not all soft girls love the same things. 

8. Facial rhinestone- Soft girls love rhinestones stuck to the face like tear drops. You can also add small star stickers. Two stickers around the cheek are enough.

9. Phone editing Soft girls love editing their photos as well as adding emojis. Angelic filters are also very common. Floral frames and unicorn theme edits are perfect for this aesthetic. 

Extra tips:

a) Some inspiration for the soft girl aesthetic include the power puff girls, angels, pink roses, unicorns, anime and so on. So get inspiration from them.

b) Popular soft girls on instagram include __lil_zi___, spifdypenguin, Yano4kaa.a and so on.

c) You don’t have to be overly demure because of this aesthetic. Be the powerful girl that you are.

d)  When lost with this style, think soft and childlike. You will get some inspiration. 

e)  Decorate your room with angel motifs, pink roses, soft pillows, scented candles and pink curtains. Make your room comfortable and soft. It will give you inspiration for your outfits as well.  

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