Ten Unbelievable Facts about Parisian Style

Parisians, they are admired by almost anyone. Their effortlessly chic style and laidback look can grab anybody’s attention without trying too hard. They try and keep it natural and simple, but still manage to awe those around them. Here are ten tips to dress like a Parisian.

  • White button down shirt- The white button down shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. You wouldn’t mind investing in a good quality material when it comes to this one because it will never go out of style. This shirt looks best with a pair of blue denims. It can either be a slim cut or a pair of mom jeans. Throw on a belt and/or a blazer and viola! Effortlessly chic. Make sure to open the first couple of buttons with the sleeves preferably folded twice or thrice.  This shirt can also be paired with a pair of black trousers for a more formal and sophisticated look. 
  • Blue denims- a pair of blue jeans are a must. In Paris wearing just a pair of leggings is considered disrespectful and unacceptable. For them leggings aren’t pants. So on days when you feel you have nothing to wear, a pair of blue jeans is a no brainer. Get them on a high waisted style and they should end preferably above your ankle.
  • Shoes- Parisians love a pair of black ballerina flats as well as a pair of black loafers. These look good with dresses as well as with pants. They are comfortable and easy to style. Make sure to wear them without socks. A comfortable pair of neutral colored heels are also a staple in every Parisian woman’s wardrobe. You can pair them with jeans and a simple top or with a nice summer dress. When it comes to this style. Keep the shoes simple. Do not opt for platform heels or over bedazzled shoes or colorful ones. Neutrals and solid colors are your best friend here.
  • Beret- Parisian women love their beret. They wear it everywhere. Be it the grocery store or even on a date. A beret is a must have especially when it’s cold outside. 
  • Hair- Parisian women like their hair all natural. It’s very rare to see French women chemically straightening their hair or getting it dyed in odd colors. They love to rock it the way it is. 
  • Nails- The French manicure isn’t actually French. But what Parisian women like to do is keep it simple.  A clear coat or a nude color is what they love to stick with. It’s very unlikely to see these elegant women in acrylic nails or press on nails with crazy colors, length or nail art. 
  • Makeup- You might spot a pattern here. Can you guess what type of makeup look Parisian women would go for? Yes, you’re right. They love natural makeup with a little pop of color now and then. Parisian women would go for full untouched brows, mascara, a nude eye shadow color and a nude lipstick or a bold red lip.   You will seldom see them with falsies, glitter eyeshadow, defined contour and a ton of highlighter. What you’ve got is what you’ll flaunt is their mantra. 
  • Jewelry – Parisian women love dainty subtle jewelry preferably gold. A tiny necklace with a pair of gold hoops is very ‘charmant’.  Don’t opt for chunky styles with bold designs for this look and make sure to dawn two pieces of jewelry at a time. Don’t over accessorize yourself. 

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  • Bags- Straw bags are very French and so are simple leather bags. Always try to match your bag to your belt and shoes like a brown bag with a pair of brown shoes and so on. This way your accessories won’t clash in terms of color. 
  • Dresses- As for dresses, opt for loose and flowy dress either printed or plain. When opting for prints, Parisian women will always go for small and subtle prints. Like tiny florals, ginghams, tiny polka dots and so on. They avoid body con dresses and skimpy dresses. 

Extra tips

  • Always keep it simple, effortless and classy. 
  • Avoid too much color. Only stick to two or three neutral colors at time. You may also put on a fourth color but this exception is only when you’re wearing denim. 
  • This is a rule of thumb. Dress and skirts above the knee= flats. Dresses and skirts below the knee=heels.
  • For the Parisian style, avoid dressing too provocatively. That is if you’re flaunting legs then keep it modest at the cleavage and  if you’re showing your cleavage then keep it modest to the legs. 
  • In Paris, avoid gym clothes for everyday wear, workout clothes are for work out only. Wearing a pair of leggings, with a tank top and a pair of trainers or uggs as everyday wear is a fashion faux pas.
  • Avoid too many logos in your clothes.
  • Perfume- smelling nice is the Parisian way.
  • My last tip to you is to be yourself. This is only one type of style. This is just a guide. Use these tips to work around your personal style.  

“Fashion changes but style endures”- Coco Chanel.

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