Instagram baddies are beautiful Instagram girls that all always look their best at all times. They do their hair and makeup perfectly and are always on trend. They are called baddies because they are classy and badass at the same time. Baddies are always sexy and have a large number of followers on Instagram. Here are a few tips to look like an Instagram baddie. 

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  • Hair – An Instagram baddie’s hair looks perfect all the time. Sometimes it looks effortless and sometimes like some effort has been put to it. Most baddies shave dark hair but some are blonde as well. A popular hairstyle for a baddie is very long hair with beachy waves. These waves are achieved by using a curling iron and some texturizing spray. A middle parting always a foolproof way to have the baddie look. Shoulder length pin straight hair is also a very common hair style. To get this look, comb your hair thoroughly to ease out any tangle and then spray some heat protecting spray. After that, take small sections of hair and slowly straighten your hair with a straightener. Go each section slowly until your whole hair is straight and finally spray it with some hair spray.  A tight low bun with a middle parting also a very classy baddie hair which will come to use especially when you are in a rush. The fourth baddie hair style is a fully curled hair and tied to a top knot at the top of the head, pulling some strands to frame the face. If you have baby hair, make sure you lay your edges using a brush and some hair spray. Wigs are a common way to change up a baddie’s style without damaging it.
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  • Makeup– a baddie’s make up is always perfect. To start your makeup, make sure your face is moisturized, sun protected and primed. For foundation, make sure you find the right shade of foundation for you. Your skin should look flawless as if it’s your natural skin. Dap some concealer on your under eyes and other blemishes and finish the base with some translucent powder to set everything off.  A baddie’s brows are always on fleek. This is optional but you can pluck out stray hair on your eyebrows or get them threaded or waxed. These are a few ways to get them to their perfect shape. You can then fill spars areas of your eyebrows with some brow powder or pencil then finish them with some brow gel so nothing moves. For the eyes, winged eyeliner is optional but full lashes are everything for a baddie. You get lash extensions, falsies or if you have natural long lashes then you are blessed. Apply mascara both to the top and bottom lashes. For eye shadow, you can do a cut crease or just some nude eye shadow will do. Remember to not look like a drag queen. For lips a nude lipstick or a juicy lip gloss is perfect for every day and a bold lip color for the occasions. Highlighter is essential for a baddie so she can glow like a goddess, the highlight should be popping and some contour would add to the aesthetic. 
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  • Outfits– There is no strict rule when it comes to dressing like a baddie. A pair of cargo pants, a crop top, some trendy sneakers, hoodies, a puffer jacket, sweat suits and tank tops are very common among baddies. When going out, a baddie loves putting on a skin tight body con dress either with a pair of heels or some sneakers. Denim jeans or denim jackets are very common among baddies. Sometimes these denims can also be a little ripped or distressed at certain places. At home while lounging a baddie loves a pair of faux fur lined slippers.
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  • Nails – most baddies have long acrylic nails. They can be of different shapes like the coffin shape, pointed, squared and so on. These nails can also have some nail art on them to make them look fancy. 
  • Shoes– A baddie loves a pair of trendy sneakers. Common baddie sneakers include vans old skool, Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force, Nike Air Jordans, Converse and some Puma Creepers.  As for heels, ankle or mid calf boots, sock boots, thigh high boots, transparent heels and strappy heels are a must. A pair of Gucci slides is also common among baddies. 
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  • Accessories– a pair of cat eye sunglasses, clear glasses, necklaces, big hoops, diamond earrings, a metal watch preferably with diamonds on it, rings, chain bags, a baseball hat, retro sunglasses, a choker, a beanie and small colored sunglasses are common accessories among baddies. 
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Extra tips-

  • This is only one type of aesthetic. Always be yourself. These are just a few tips if you want to look like a baddie.
  • No matter what your body shape is, you are always beautiful but a baddie has some beautiful curves.
  • A baddie’s teeth are always clean and white.
  • You can get some inspiration for famous baddies like Kylie Jenner, Demi Rose, Katya Elise Henry, Anna Nystrom and so on. 

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